Headline Howlers - The Classics

Humorous headlines as they appeared in newspapers:

• Survivor of Siamese Twins joins parents
• Two sisters reunited after 18 years in checkout counter
• Juvenile court to try shooting defendant
• Officers' wives to select new officers
• Jury gets drunk driving case here
• Man is fatally slain
• Night school to hear pest talk
• Prisoners escape from prison farm after execution
• Hotel burns. Two hundred guests escape half glad
• Santa Rosa man denies he commited suicide in South San Francisco
• Enraged cow injures farmer with ax
• Senate passes death penalty. Measure provides for electrocution for all persons over 17
• Thugs eat then rob proprietor
• Toilet seats stolen. Police have nothing to go on
• Wild wife league will meet tonight
• Local man has longest horns in all Texas
• Officer convicted of accepting bride
• Staten Island Ferry Hits Pie, 18 Injured